Neowiz, in conjunction with StickyHands Inc, has announced the worldwide release of its latest game, Merge Survival: Wasteland. Plunge into the desolate wasteland and do your best to scavenge, combine, and discover a way to survive.

In a rather unique and interesting-sounding combination, Merge Survival mashes up the match-3 genre with survival, however, this is not your nuclear winter or zombie sort of survival world. Neowiz instead has chosen to go for the hard sell and has set the game in a world devastated by pollution.

You will step into the shoes of Eden, who is striving to survive in an environmentally deteriorated world through recycling and upcycling anything they can find using the match mechanic. By playing through the quests and creating newer and more advanced items, you will learn the importance of environmental protection, and perhaps go some way to purifying the polluted planet.

It isn’t just tools and basic resources that you will need to collect, as water and even oxygen will need to be monitored and collected. By crafting and completing your Eco-Friendly camp, you will attract more survivors to help you out, but you will also need to be wary, as conflicts can always arise with new characters.

Merge Survival comes with support for eight languages including English, French, Japanese and Korean, and will be available in approximately 170 countries. To celebrate the launch, Neowiz is holding a launch promotion for those that download and play the game in the first month. If you play before June 30th, you will receive exclusive items to give you a head start, such as Gems, a Piggy Bank, and a Car Battery. Only in a desolate wasteland would a battery be considered an exclusive gift.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the helping hand, and download Merge Survival: Wasteland now from the App Store and Google Play.

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