Supercell, the creator behind Clash Royale, has uploaded a teaser blog post that promises some exciting changes.

Right now, it’s unclear what these changes will be. But we do know that the changes will be focused on higher-level players and gameplay. They also added that they would be changing the gameplay in “ways we’ve never done/seen before.” This hints towards some massive changes.

The blog post on Clash Royale’s official website mentioned that there was still some work to do on the mechanics and balance. This is why players will have to be a little patient to see what changes are being made.

For now, Supercell has said: “Just know that we are super excited about it, and we cannot wait to get it into your hands as soon as possible”.

Meanwhile, Clash Royale is all geared up for season 27. The new season will roll out on September 6th with a new arena named ‘Executioner’s Kitchen’ alongside some exciting rewards. The season will also see some balance updates.

For season 27, there will be exciting additions including challenges like Mega Touchdown, Sudden Death, Executioner Draft, and Triple Draft.

Long time players are already aware of voting for boosted cards. The game has taken the same approach with the party mode challenges. Players will be able to vote for 3 party mode challenges each week. The mode with the most votes will be added to Clash Royale for the next week.

Players can cast their vote on a different category of challenges for every week of September. The categories are:

September 3: Classic one-vs-one modes.
September 10: Spawner modes.
September 17: One-vs-one capture modes.
September 24: Two-vs-two modes.

The voting for 1v1 modes has already started. Players can vote for Double Elixir Draft, Ramp Up, and Sudden Death.

Clash Royale has its first global tournament coming up on September 11th. And, a Double Elixir Global Tournament has been scheduled for September 24th. The in-game shop is sure to get some irresistible offers.

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