If you like chess but also like weirdness, then Chesh from Damian Sommer (The Yawhg) is something you'll want to see.

As the official description says, Chesh is like chess, only it's not. It's a one-on-one game of strategy and tactics where you can set the board size and number of pieces, and can be played solo against the AI, locally against another player, or online. But the real kicker is that there are a total of 533 different pieces to use, and every single one of them has different rules for movement. Since you can't actually choose which pieces you're given when you play, this means there's going to be a lot of new stuff to learn and even more stuff to try and remember.

The bizarre not-chess game of Chesh will be available on the App Store on October 8 at a launch price of $2.99. Sometime after that it goes up to $4.99.

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