Chaos Road is a fast, frankly ludicrous combat racer that recently launched globally for iOS and Android. You'll get behind the wheel of a gun-toting, heavily-armoured supercar to take down, among other targets, helicopters, drones, tanks, and lorries transporting toxic waste.

All of the destruction brought about by your advanced arsenal is seemingly in aid of a good cause, however: ridding the city of crime. You'll work to take down gangs and crime lords one at a time, mostly by resorting to acts of extreme laser-blasting violence.

The reality, shockingly, is that the story here is not of much consequence, with the game's focus being placed on delivering nonstop thrills. You'll seemingly know who's who thanks to the fact that the crime bosses all have their own unique vehicles. This should add some variety to the action, keeping things fresh for longer and allowing the game to ramp up the challenge.

As things continue to grow increasingly difficult, you'll want to improve your vehicles by adding plates of armour or other upgrades. Outside of the obvious, there are also equippable drones and special weapons to take into battle.

The elephant in the room is that Chaos Road does appear to be heavily inspired by Fastlane, though the developers are insistent that their game differs considerably in the visual department and brings some of its own gameplay ideas to the table.

So far, it's amassed an impressive 2 million downloads on Google Play alone, and its user reviews are mostly very positive. If you fancy some simple, hectic racing action, you'll find Chaos Road available for download as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play.

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