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Are you feeling a bit out of sorts when jumping back and forth between Chaos Rings III’s Story and Colosseum modes? Are some fights giving you trouble? Then have a seat (or more likely just keep sitting) and take a gander at our tips and tricks guide.

Outfitting your team

- Pay attention to weight - The heavier a characters’ gear is, the longer it will take them to attack. This means that the stronger, heavier equipment will usually make your decked-out characters take their turn after most enemies. However it also means that you can try to tweak the values to control exactly who on your team attacks when.
- Also pay attention to Hits - Weapons in Chaos Rings III can often land several hits in a single strike. Whether you want to focus on devastating single hits or a massive string of weaker attacks is up to you, but more hits means more opportunities for a critical.
- Upgrade constantly - Check the store in District 14 every so often as the stork tends to grow as you progress. You won’t always find better gear, but it never hurts to check.

- Plan accordingly - If you’re about to wander through an area that’s mostly full of enemies belonging to a specific element type, try to equip weapons with opposing elemental attacks or armor that increases resistances to those elements. You should also do the same with your Genes, although those can be switched out in combat so it’s not as pressing an issue.
- Accessories can be very important - Weapons and affect attack and defense respectively, but Accessories can also give you some significant stat boosts. It’s not just a bunch of “poison resist” junk like in other RPGs.
- Once you’ve unlocked it, visit Mariv’s Garden between story missions - As you progress you’ll want to stop by Mariv’s Garden in order to improve your team’s level. This is very important as it’s the only way your characters’ maximum magic points can be increased.

Combat ABCs

- Remember those elements - Each element has an opposing element it’s weak against (fire to ice, lightning to earth for some weird reason, etc). Exploiting these weaknesses in enemies will give you a leg-up in a tough fight. However bear in mind that using a spell will change that characters’ element to match - so hitting an ice element with fire will do lots of damage but also leave you open to ice attacks.
- Sometimes it’s best to cast a same-element spell - There will be moments where you’ll find yourself facing off against multiple enemies of a single element type that like to cast spells. Hitting them with their weakness will be tempting, but remember that this will also leave you wide open. You might be better off changing your element to something they’re not weak against so that they can’t all make use of your own elemental weaknesses.
- When in doubt, run - Sometimes you just can’t win, and there’s no shame in backing down from a seemingly impossible fight. Plus your health automatically refills once combat is over, so you won’t have to worry about healing anybody.

- Try to bounce back and forth between the story and the arena - You can grind out levels in both modes, and the reward you earn in each can help out in either. So if you come up against a wall in the campaign you can jump right into the arena and keep fighting, or use some sweet new genes you found in the story mode to devastate enemies in the arena.
- Save MP if you’re fighting weaklings - Health regenerates automatically, sure, but not magic. That takes a certain amount of real time, specific useable items, or Ohnz coins if you’re in the arena. If you find yourself fighting some weak or middling baddies you’re better off sticking with melee attacks.
- Use turn order and speed to trigger combos and finishers - As previously mentioned, equipment weight will determine turn order for the characters on your team. Use this to your advantage and plan out your attacks. If you can follow up a critical hit or an elemental attack an enemy is weak against with a melee strike, you’ll be able to lock them out of action until the end of the turn and even land some rather hard-hitting (and flashy-looking) blows.
- Doubling-up on elemental attacks can be a life saver - Whether an enemy is weak against a given element or not, if you have two characters attack the same enemy using the same spell on the same turn they’ll often team-up and unleash both attacks simultaneously. Even if the target isn’t weak against the element it can still do an impressive amount of damage.


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