In some very exciting news, Capcom has announced they are teaming up with TiMi Studio Group to develop a new mobile game for the massively popular Monster Hunter Series. There have not been any specifics revealed as yet, only that it will be offering a new game experience unique for mobile, suggesting an original entry and not a port.

Monster Hunter is one of those series that even non-gamers most likely would have heard about, especially with the widely successful Monster Hunter World. The action game pits the player against a variety of giant monsters in many beautiful locales, with the aim to hunt them down, harvest their parts and upgrade equipment. It has proven to be one of Capcom's most popular series with worldwide sales of 88 million units.

There might be some trepidation over scaling down an action game such as this one for mobile, however, a lot of the mainline games were released on Playstation Portable and the 3DS, and remained perfectly functional. In fact, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was released on iOS back in 2014 and performed very well, so a brand new entry entirely optimised for mobile devices from the ground up is a very intriguing prospect.

This will be the first collaboration between Capcom and TiMi Studio, and the series seems to have been placed in good hands. A subsidiary of Tencent Games, TiMi Studio has recently worked on two high-profile game series, developing both Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Unite, both of which received some decent acclaim. Their own properties also have racked up the praises, with their China-exclusive MOBA Honor of Kings boasting 100 million daily players.

As of yet, there has been no official announcement confirming a release date or which operating systems it will run on, but this is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

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