From the half insane minds of Halfbrick studios (Fruit Ninja, comes Monster Dash, a fast paced action runner that looks like Canabalt with guns.

From the press release, "Just two buttons controls the action – jump and shoot. The action speeds up and changes gears with every new world, but thankfully there are weapon and health pickups to get Steakfries (Barry Steakfries, the main character) into serious action mode. Blast your enemies with the one shot Pacifier, electro-charge your way to victory with Mr. Zappy, and look out for the ultimate in raining destruction – the Machine Gun Jetpack!"

In typical Halfbrick fashion, they have a great, semi-live action promo video to get you good and excited for its August 19th launch. Hope you like it!

Be sure to also check out the additional screenshots after the jump.

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