This week Activision has revealed that Call of Duty Mobile is real, it's coming soon, and it looks pretty awesome. We got all of that from a trailer, but it also got us thinking about what other Activision games we'd like to see coming to mobile. Because that's the sort of thing we think about here at 148Apps towers.

We've not included any Blizzard games in the list, since we had a bit of a deep dive into how they might work for mobile when the big B revealed it was looking to bring all of its franchises to mobile. Instead we've focused on Activision published titles - specifically ones with plenty of action, since everyone loves action and explosions.

Got your own suggestions as to which Activision games you'd like to see coming to mobile? Then do let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. It's a huge company with a massive back catalogue, and we'd love to hear your ideas about how it could bring some of those games to mobile.


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Some of us here at 148Apps think Destiny should have been out on mobile for a good long while. Since Destiny 2 launched, the original game should have gone free to play, and that would have made it the perfect fit for mobile. Obviously it's not as simple as that, but there's no doubting the game would work really well - just look at the likes of Shadowgun Legends to get some idea. Of all the games on this list, we think this one's the most likely to actually happen.


The Prototype series has been basically forgotten now, but it offered gritty superhero action before DC started pretending it came up with that. When it worked, the game was a brilliant expression of some of the best ideas that open world gaming has to offer. We wouldn't imagine the game would come out in a similar shape on mobile, although stranger things have happened. Instead we reckon this one might cash in on the AR and location trend and have you capturing real world locations with your super powers. Obviously that's just wishful thinking though.

Transformers Devastation

Activision has published most of the Transformers games that have come out for consoles in the last few years. This one, developed by Platinum, is by far the best of them. Gorgeous cartoon visuals, utterly compelling action, and a difficulty curve that's more welcoming than anything else Platinum has made make this one of the best hack and slash games out there. With Platinum already developing for mobile, it'd be great to see this underrated classic get a new lease of life in the palm of your hand.

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