Call of Duty: Heroes: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to be the Finest Hero

Posted by Jennifer Allen on November 25th, 2014
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Hello Heroes:
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Just downloaded Call of Duty: Heroes and need some handy tips and tricks on how to get ahead of the rest? As we often do, we’re here to help you out with getting started.

The Basics

  • Straight away, Oil should be your focus as it all goes towards building new structures.

  • Build mines and oil pumps as much as you’re allowed to, but don’t forget you can gain such resources by taking out enemies.

  • You’re given a protective shield at first, so use that safe time to upgrade and build turrets so you can withstand invasions later on.

  • Buy a second builder as soon as possible so that you can construct two things at once. A third would be handy but will take some focused mission-chasing to achieve for free.

  • Join an alliance as soon as possible. Safety in numbers works here and it’s good to have backup and assistance.

  • Upgrading your Command Center is a wise move. It’ll unlock new structures and units, as well as boost your resource limits.

  • You also unlock new heroes as you increase the Command Center’s level, and they’re the only troops you can directly control.

Offensive Play

  • Barracks are used to train your troops initially, while the Deployment Yard is where they’re on standby and affects how many trained troops you can have at any one time. Further boosts can be gained by using the Ballistics Lab to upgrade them. Keep these three buildings at a similar level to each other at all times.

  • As is often the way, you can’t control your troops directly. You just place them down and leave them to figure things out. Try to place them near where you want them to go, then hope for the best.

  • Each unit type has its own advantage and disadvantage. Assault Troops are great as cannon fodder, but juggernauts are far superior at taking out turrets. Special Forces are ideal for taking out barriers. Ensure you have a good balance of everything.

  • Heroes are great as you can control them yourself, but keep them back a little so they’re safe. Don’t forget to use those perks when things turn tough.

  • It won’t be long before abandoned bases start to appear, as players leave the game. Focus on striking these so you don’t have to worry about revenge attacks.

  • When you are attacked by someone, remember that your shield is restored for a short time. It’s the perfect time to get everything back up to strength.

Defensive Play

  • Concentrate on protecting the most important buildings, such as the command center and resource depots.

  • Use barriers to surround them the best you can. Leave a space between the buildings and the barriers so that your enemy is more likely to focus on the walls.

  • Create a decoy area of non-essential structures so your enemy focuses on that, instead of the important things.

  • Place plenty of turrets so that their attack ranges overlap. Tapping on them shows you what area they can cover.

  • Once you’ve unlocked the Heroes Post, Heroes can be used to defend bases as well as attack them. Bear this in mind. Sometimes, you’re better off doing this.

    Call of Duty®: Heroes

    + Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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