As fun and official as it looks to hand out business cards to people amidst alcohol-soaked and smoke-filled bars to expand your network, the world has moved on from these little scraps of cardboard. Now, there are fun new ways to connect with others, with NEMO Me throwing its hat into the ring.

Thanks to some special tech and laser beams, simply place your phone close to someone else and the NEMO Me app will share whatever information you tell it to with your new phone. You can choose from direct contact info, Instagram, LinkedIn, TwiX, and, of course, TikTok, if what you want to share is annoying videos. The best part, is the devs say NEMO Me is decentralized so it can’t access user data itself.

Gone are the days you switch phone networks and have to remember to tell everyone your new number, as NEMO automatically updates users' numbers, emails, social media usernames, and whatever else you share. It will even tag interactions with date and time stamps of when connections were made. What would you do with that information, I don’t know, but it’s cool to have.

Now, let’s address what has to be the biggest issue with this technology; security. Nemo boasts military-grade security to protect its user data, so the odds of your information getting out are pretty low. Even better, should you end up connecting with someone you later wish you didn't, simply deleting them from your community will result in all your contact info being wiped from their phone, which is a pretty impressive step. Each interaction also goes through “proof of life” at every interaction, to ensure its’ users that they aren’t talking with any bots or AI.

NEMO Me is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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