Build A Word

Posted by Kristen Young on January 16th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

This spelling application is based on the PBS Kids television series “Word World”. You play by dragging the floating letters to its corresponding outline to “build a word”; the words then become animated characters. For example, D-O-G becomes a wiggly, barking dog, and D-U-C-K becomes a quacking (and talking) duck. The animation is stunning and this application adopts a delightful approach to teach spelling. There is a tremendous feeling of satisfaction when words become animated characters – undoubtedly a powerful association that can help foster early literacy. The first few times I played this app I was completely absorbed but it soon became predictable since there are only ten words/characters and they are always played in the same sequence. In its current form this application is a winner, but updated versions could benefit from additional words, characters, and a randomized sequence to keep it fresh.

iPhone Screenshots

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Build A Word screenshot 1 Build A Word screenshot 2 Build A Word screenshot 3 Build A Word screenshot 4 Build A Word screenshot 5
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