According to Flickr last year, more than 3,000 images are uploaded to the photo sharing site every minute with 5 billion photos already on there. Who knows how much that's changed in the past year but there are clearly a heck of a lot of photos on Flickr for users to explore. So how best is it to browse through the site? The makers of Flickr Explorer hope that they've come up with the solution.

The app promises no distractions. Users can simply browse through pages upon pages of photos until they come across one they want to see on a larger scale. A tap of the relevant image and the user can then view it in fullscreen, landscape or portrait mode. Sharing options are also available with the option to share via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail amongst others.

Flickr Explorer is simplicity itself but also rather soothing to explore with no distractions. The photos do the talking.

It's out now, it's universal and it's priced at $0.99.

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