Brendan Greene, famously known as PlayerUnknown, has announced his departure from PUBG Corp. The creative genius behind PUBG has decided to start an independent game studio in the Netherlands.

Brendan Greene was initially a modder who loved to tinker with the battle royale. His experimentation resulted in the creation of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Bluehole later roped in Greene to continue the creation of PUBG under the PUBG Studios we all know today.

PUBG proved to be a massive hit. In 2019, Bluehole underwent a name change and became Krafton. In the same year, Greene announced his plans for departure. He wanted to dabble with some experiments with a small team in Amsterdam. In 2019, Greene had also stated that he was done with the battle royale genre.

Considering these events, Greene’s departure does not come as a total surprise. Krafton will have a small stake in Greene’s yet-to-be-named studio. The studio’s name and experiments are yet to be divulged.

Meanwhile, Krafton is actively working on the much-awaited PUBG sequel, PUBG: New State. The game is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and App Store. Additionally, Striking Distance Studios (another Krafton Studio) is working on The Callisto Protocol. Finally, a PUBG animated series is also in works by producer Adi Shankar.

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