Breakout: Dark Prison is an action RPG from LaterSoft. Set in the aftermath of a deadly virus outbreak your daughter has been taken from you because she has an immunity to the illness in her DNA. Not being a fan of experimentation on children – and being her parent – you set off to save her from their clutches. It's available now for Android, with an iOS version coming later.

On your journey through the titular dark prison, you'll be able to loot or forge a plethora of weapons to fend off the crazed prisoners that reside there. There's also pretty in-depth sounding character customisation with various stats you can increase to build your character to match your desired playstyle.

Breakout has more than likely been inspired by souls-like and reminds me of Let It Die in particular. It doesn't take itself as seriously as a Dark Souls or Bloodborne, a tank will attack you by slapping you with its gun turret, for instance. Either way, you can still expect to face various bosses along the way that promise to give you the toughest challenges.

If quite understandably, the idea of playing this type of game with touch screen controls is off-putting, fear not. Dark Prison has controller support for both Xbox and PS4 controllers, so the option for more precise controls is available at launch if you want it.

Breakout: Dark Prison is available on Google Play right now. If you're an iOS user you're going to have to wait until 14th November to play the game but you can pre-order on the App Store if you'd like. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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