Brave Nine has gone through some big changes recently, having just changed its name from Brown Dust. Now there's a whole host more with the latest update that adds the anticipated World Arena alongside new dungeons, Companions and more.

There will also be several rewards on offer for new and existing players with everyone being able to purchase a special gift box for a mere 2 gold. This can be found in the Hot Deals store. There are additional goodies available for players on the 'Americas' server with an Anniversary Package being obtainable by entering the code 'braveninearticle'. It will contain a mixture of Premium and Normal Scrolls alongside Gold and Emerald Slimes. But be sure to use it before the code expires on March 14th.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated World Arena will see Captains go head-to-head in PVP bouts to determine who has the best strategy, following a similar ruleset to the one found in the regular Arena. There will be generous rewards on offer for those who emerge victorious. This contest happens just once a month, so get ready to rally with your region!

If you're not a hugely competitive player, fear not, you might be interested in the Underground Evil Castle. Once you've cleared the Evil Castle 30F you'll be able to access this new area through the reflection on the lake. Here you'll find 30 new floors to battle your way through against tougher enemies and even more loot.

Finally, there will be three new Companions who will partner with the existing mercenaries Edin, Veronia and Jayden who will allow them to increase their Skill Level to +15. They are named Destiny, Sophia and Emma.

If you're on the lookout for a new RPG you can download Brave Nine from the App Store and Google Play for free right now.

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