Bounty Racer Coming This Summer

Posted by Jordan Minor on June 5th, 2012

Having already tried their hand at space shooting and motocross, indie developer The Quadsphere is looking to do something a little different with their next universal iOS title. They are looking to break into the world of off-road racing. Players will see just how they pull it off this summer with the release of Bounty Racer.

As its title implies, Bounty Racer appears to have players racing in a variety of single and multi-player modes all while trying to collect bounties and complete random challenges. There will be five game modes and 72 unique events. Additionally, driver customization seems to play a large role. The Quadsphere claims that there will be over one million possible combinations. Finally, beyond the standard achievements and Game Center support, players will also be able to upload and share replays through YouTube.

Although Bounty Racer is scheduled for release this summer, no definitive date has been set. Expect more news soon.

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