The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Better Bot Battling

Posted by Jordan Minor on October 21st, 2014
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The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles offers nearly 200 stages based on its varied approach to tower defense. That’s pretty great, but it also means there are lots of strategies to master and the amount of options can be a little daunting. Here are some tips on how to save Dynamo City.

The Best Defense

The Bot Squad is separated into Defensive stages and Offensive stages. Defensive stages play more like typical tower defense games, and many of the same strategies apply, but they still have their own quirks.
  • To start, use standard Smacker and Blaster tower bots to weaken enemies that cross your paths. Always pay attention to the range of your units and try to cover as much ground as possible.

  • Sometimes it’s good to be redundant and have multiple towers clustered in the same area to kill enemies faster. It depends on the stakes.

  • Stop enemies in their tracks with Stoppabots like Blockers and Grabbers. Unlike towers though, these obstacles can be destroyed. They can also only be placed on certain terrain so be smart with them.

  • Certain levels provide a limited number of towers to take down a limited number of enemies. However, other stages have an unlimited supply of towers that spawn at set intervals. Enemies come fast and furious in these levels though, usually in big groups, so quickly put your extra power to use.

  • If a level already has a few towers, pick them up and rearrange them to forge a better defense.

A Good Offense

The Bot Squad's Offense mode plays a bit like a real-time strategy game using only a few units at a time. However, that just makes each one all the more precious so good strategies are still required.
  • This mode is basically tower defense in reverse. Guide units across enemy lines to collect all three stars and reach the goal.

  • When drawing paths for your units to follow, pause the action first. You can still draw, plus you’ll get a better sense of the surroundings before putting units in danger. This also helps while managing multiple paths at once.

  • Units will occasionally have to smash through obstacles, so be careful if that leaves them vulnerable. Get them out as fast as possible. In general, just try to stay out of enemy range at all times.

  • Unlock new drones like Crushers who are strong enough to withstand enemy attacks while clearing a path.

  • With multiple drones, try to create safer paths for one drone by clearing away obstacles with another. All drones must survive, but they can reach the end at separate times.

Real Steel

Like with any strategy game, Bot Squad players will naturally discover techniques that work best for them. But to help get you started, here are some particularly useful tricks we found.
  • One great technique on Defense is to create a kind of “kill box” by trapping enemy units with Blockers inside a tight space with multiple towers. This is especially effective on more compact stages where there aren’t many other opportunities to wipe out the opposition.

  • On Offense, crossing corners within enemy range is an easy way to spend as little time as possible in danger.

  • Enemy-stunning EMP blasts let you breeze through defenses and make for great traps too. But they drain crystals, which are pretty pricey. Use them sparingly.

  • If you're low on batteries, once a day you can play the crate smashing mini-game. Use four drones to smash as many crates as possible. It’s good to send them off in different directions, but don’t leave them completely on their own or they’ll be destroyed by emerging enemy towers, limiting your smashing potential.

  • And if a stage ever feels too tough, try upgrading your robots for a strength boost.

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2014-10-16 :: Category: Game


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