It's a good time to be a Blue Archive fan, as NEXON is bringing back one of its biggest events - the Kivotos Halo Festival. A crowd favourite student will also be returning to recruitment later this month, as well as a few free characters.

Players will be in the shoes of Sensei as they lead their students in an attempt to set up a sporting event, in the face of a host of setbacks and problems. As you tackle this tricky situation, you will meet new students to recruit to the cause.

Until March 21st, you will be able to recruit Kotori (Cheerleader) who has the ability to increase their allies' Critical Rate, as well as knocking out an EX Skill that deals decent damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area. When Kotori leaves on the 21st, Haruna (Track) will make her return, giving players a chance to recruit a new healing character.

By completing the two event stories, On Your Mark @ Millennium and Get Set, Go, you will land yourself Hibiki (Cheer Squad) and Hasumi (Track) for free. Hibiki can buff her and an ally’s attack, and Hasumi is able to pack a massive punch with her EX Skill. You can also pick up Noa and Utaha (Cheer Squad) until March 21st, and then Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) until April 2nd.

For a bit of added fun, there will be two minigames to play around with. Running Fast! Kivotos-Style Training will see Sensei training Sumire and Shiroko in running, with the final score depending on how many energy drinks they collect. From March 20th, Spike It! Kivotos Volleyball Tournament will open up with students such as Yuuka, Mari, and Hasumi all taking part in a friendly game.

Blue Archive is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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