Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the action RPG from NetEase Games and ArtPlay, has received yet another free update. The latest content drop introduces a new character called Bloodless and the BOSS Revenge game Mode.

To unlock the new character, players will need to enter Bloodless after downloading the DLC. Upon spawning into the game, players will find themselves in the Boss room of the church. Bloodless doesn't have any skills, to begin with, so players will need to collect crystal globes dotted around the map to acquire them.

Bloodless’s characteristics will alter depending on various factors. For instance, their clothes will sport different colours depending on the blood settings. Additionally, when the character's MP dips below 45%, their voice will change.

Meanwhile, the update also adds BOSS Revenge Mode to Ritual of the Night. In this game variant, players can select either Andrealphus, Bathin, Bloodless or Gremor. Each has unique traits and abilities to utilise in a series of challenges.

This will include facing off against Zangetsu, Dominique and Miriam one by one. If they manage to defeat all three, their performance is scored based on the time it took them to complete the challenge. So if you enjoy leaderboard chasing, this sounds like the perfect game mode.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is available now over on the App Storeand Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $9.99 with additional in-app purchases for the various pieces of DLC. However, at the time of writing, you can pick the game up with a 30% discount.

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