Starting March 31st, Bleach: Brave Souls will be holding their Spirits Are Forever With You collaboration campaign, or SAFWY for short. You will be able to get your hands on some exclusive SAFWY versions of some iconic Bleach characters, including a chance to get one guaranteed 5-star character.

Set after the defeat of Sosuke Aizen, SAFWY shines a light on some of the supporting cast over hero Ichigo Kurosaki, as he was currently de-powered at the time. The story follows Squad 11 along with spiritualist Don Kanonji, as they head to Karakura Town to investigate the sighting of a skull-faced woman.

The SAFWY Untold Stories: Six Step-Up Summons will give players to chance to recruit two collaboration characters, Gin Ichimaru, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and it is hard to decide which of the two is more dastardly. Step one of this summon is free for all, and Step 6 guarantees one of the twelve featured 5 Stars, so be warned you won't necessarily grab one of these two.

To celebrate, you can get your hands on some free summons through the campaign. Until April 16th, the Free Brave Souls Summons will give you 10 summons, up to 100, with a 5-star guaranteed on Step 10, but from a wide pool. You can also grab one free summon from the SAFWY and CFYOW summons, giving you a guaranteed 5 star from the collaborations, so don’t miss this one.

Finally, there is a PV campaign ongoing, that will net you a host of items depending on how many people take part. Simply head to Brave Soul's Twitter, Instagram, or Discord, and like the Untold Stories: Six PV, simple as that. If 40,000 players react, everyone gets a 5-Star Summons Ticket, so make sure you do your part.

To ensure you don’t miss your free summons, download Bleach: Brave Souls now from the App Store or Google Play.

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