With the release of the hotly anticipated release of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War coming in October, the 3D action game Bleach: Brave Souls is celebrating with in-game campaigns introducing new versions of some iconic characters.

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc was and is arguably the most exciting arc that the Bleach manga had, pitting the full force of the Soul Society against the equal force of Quincy. Whilst both sides are dedicated to fighting Hollows, the methods vary so the friction between the two was always palpable, however, this arc brought with it an all-out war.

Bleach: Brave Souls shines the spotlight on three iconic characters with its Thousand Year Blood War Step-Up Summons: Concord banner, offering one free pull, and a guaranteed 5* at step six. Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki gained Soul Reaper powers trying to save his family, and battles against hollows using this trusty sword Zangetsu. Uryu Ishida is a Quincy who developed a kinship with Ichigo fighting alongside him, and now faces a conflict between loyalty to his Soul Reaper friends and his Quincy family. Finally, Yasutora Sado is Ichigo's best friend, a gentle giant who uses the power of Fullbringer to armor his arms to protect his friends with his brute strength.

Players will also be able to take one free pull from the Thousand-Year Blood War Summon banner, with a five-star character guaranteed. On top of this, the BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War Brave Souls Summon banner offers 10 free Summons per day for up to 10 days, with the 10th pull guaranteeing one 5 Star character.

Outside of summons, the Kon school newspaper event will task players to clear special quests in order to collect points to trade for special rewards such as summon tickets. Finally, a tie-in present campaign will be kicking off on October 11th, with the first reward revealed to be a special accessory based on the new anime arc.

Bleach: Brave Souls is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play.

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