Blastomancer arrived on Google Play for Android at the weekend. It’s a 2D puzzle game involving cartoon stick figure wizards and lots of bombs.

After a sudden invasion of evil distortions, Blastomancer puts you in the role of a nameless hero wizard who must defend his world from an invasion of nuisance distortions, otherworldly creatures who take the shape of objects around them and are hard to get rid of. There are also talkative bosses and quirky characters to fill in the gaps of story between each level.

Each level has you use a limited inventory of bombs to clear the stage of distortions. Your bombs have different power levels, which is useful for determining whether to clear out larger areas or destroying stronger enemies.
The game features 7 worlds with 162 levels in total, meaning there’s no drought of content for you to play. But the real draw is its graphics which range from simplistic to artistically detailed, often resembling the kind of drawing you’d do on the back pages of a school notebook.

Blastomancer is free to play and there are no ads. In-app purchases do exist, and they’re all for cosmetics so you can still get a solid, consistent experience without having to pay anything. The cosmetics take on the form of new costumes for your character to wear, meaning you can deck him out with a sweet new pair of robes or a funky hat.

Developer ZMVtest has only released an Android version so far, and it’s unknown yet if it’ll be coming to the iOS App Store. It looks like they’re committed to maintaining the project post-launch too, as the game has already had a patch to fix some bugs and improve the user experience as a whole.

You can grab Blastomancer for free from the Android Google Play store here.

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