Blast Waves is a new tactical arcade shooter from solo developer Kyle Barrett (the man behind the highly rated roguelike Immortal Rogue), and it's out now on iOS and Android devices across the globe. As the latest project from, the pixel art title lets you use everything in your arsenal to survive an intergalactic war.

While fighting off hordes of enemies can be pretty relentless, Blast Waves does reward the valiant souls who survive the conflict in the game's Survival Mode. These heroes are unlocked as permanently playable characters, who will then lead their own teams as clone Squad Commanders in the Command Mode.

Here, players will organize their own squads and fight as long as they can in an auto-battler-esque style. There are over a hundred weapons, armor, and gadgets to unlock, as well as six unique biomes to explore. Players will also have to master a wide variety of enemy troop types and distinct environmental obstacles to make it out of the scuffle unscathed. Just remember: path to move, hold to crouch, and drag to shoot.

Time moves only when you do in the game, and if you're keen on giving it a go, Blast Waves is now available to download on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices at $3.99.

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