Kemco is back with another turn-based RPG. This one is called Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom and you can download it now for iOS and Android. It's set in Muspelheim and follows the story of Volker, a blacksmith's son who's always dreamed of being an adventurer.

He's also destined to be a blacksmith, however, so instead, he looks to combine the two dreams into one by heading out on adventures to gather materials by plundering dungeons and slaying the various monsters that dwell inside of them.

Then, when he's returned to his home he can then use these resources to craft magnificent weapons. From there it's up to players to decide if those weapons are put up for sale or are used to kit out the various characters that will make up your team.

Since adventuring can be a tad perilous at times, it's definitely better to have a party accompany Volker on his missions. These battle-hardened folks can be found in the Guild and there are 14 different classes to consider when creating your team with each bringing its own set of skills to battle.

If you've played a Kemco RPG before you probably know what to expect here. They tend to create stellar, retro-inspired games for mobile that usually have enough unique ideas that it doesn't simply feel like another turn-based RPG. You can check out the embedded trailer above for a glimpse of what to expect.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $6.99 but also contains further in-app purchases.

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