If you missed the annual Heidel Ball event from Pearl Abyss last weekend, then luckily for you we are here to sum up all the important goings on in Black Desert Mobile. The Land of the Morning Light expansion is coming in September, bringing with it a new Awakening Class, and a nifty new way to level certain characters.

If you are a fan of the Woosa class then you are in luck as the new Choryeong awakening class will be added for them, in which they have learnt how to read. Yes, the Do-wielding hero will be picking up a book and mastering the art of magic, being able to summon flowers of death which can be used to herd enemies around the battlefield, before exploding for some good old damage. This new class will land on September 26th.

For those of us who are wildly indecisive and can’t decide on a class, then Season Characters will be a boon. These limited-time events will allow specific classes to earn contribution points faster than normal, and unlock exclusive Season Pass rewards. Finish all the quests and you will receive some special Tuvala Gear to unlock Chaos Gear and Chaos Accesorries. You can only create on Season Character per Family unit the maintenance on September 19th.

Starting September 12th there are also a few quality-of-life updates, including simplified quests. You will be able to earn your daily rewards through just one Black Spirit and Guild Quest a day as opposed to the current requirement of three. Entering Hadum and Chaos regions will also be easier, as the Holy Vial of Light requirements will be gone for Tier 1, and reduced for Tiers 2 and 3.

Boss Rush will be improved as alternate characters from your Family and can also enter these missions a set number of times. Finally, there will be a new Character Copy feature where you can share contribution points gained from gear or level up with an alternate character.

Black Desert Mobile is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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