Mr. Bill Gets Thanksgiving Update

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 22nd, 2010
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Poor Mr. Bill, he just can't catch a break. Next week, when most of us sit down to a gigantic meal and lots of football, he'll be bouncing off turkeys and trying to avoid scarecrows set up by Sluggo with the express purpose of killing him. That's right, Mr. Bill is getting a Thanksgiving update and his pain is your pleasure.

According to Capcom, the new update will add 14 Thanksgiving-themed levels to the standard game, as well as a Thanksgiving-oriented Endless mode which will let Bill bounce, flap and fly as far as you can take him until he meets a grisly end. This brings the total number of levels in the game to 56, alongside four different endless maps. Capcom has also promised that this won't be the last update they add to the game, so hopefully we'll be seeing a winter holiday edition of the title soon. I'm sure trying to maneuver Mr. Bill past reindeer would be quite a challenge.

I've personally got quite a soft spot for Mr. Bill, both because I loved the SNL skits and because it was the first app I ever reviewed for 148. Oh memories, sometimes you're all I have in this world! The game is the perfect mix of simple yet addictive, and it's a great app for those times when you've got a few minutes to kill and want to play a quality game without launching into more in-depth fare.

The new update is free and available right now. If you've already got the app installed on your device then the new "Thanks, but No Thanksgiving" stages will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you install the new data. Now, instead of talking to relatives you only see once a year you'll actually have something fun to do after you eat and before you take the traditional Thanksgiving nap.

Mr. Bill

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2010-09-23 :: Category: Game


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