Bilibili HK Limited has announced the beginning of pre-registrations for its upcoming RTS RPG hybrid Higan: Erythyll. To encourage pre-registration, there will be reward milestones all the way up to 1 million, culminating in everyone receiving a powerful 3-star character at launch.

Planet Eruthyll is a mystical place where magic and technology have fused, with the story taking place across two dual worlds; Reality and Fantasyland. Residents of Reality believe a fabled apocalypse is coming, and at the time of the Arrival, their souls will enter Fantasyland and experience eternal joy. When the fabled event does hit, millions of souls get trapped in a dream, with their bodies at risk of mutating into strange creatures.

The protagonist is a victim of one of the Arrivals, before being saved by the Gopher Troupe and receiving the ability to cross between both worlds. Because of this, they are appointed Director of the Troupe and tasked with leading a team to Fantasyland and fighting to free all the trapped souls.

The gameplay will combine aspects of RPG, card and strategy, with a system that is designed to be both immersive and intense for hardcore strategy fans but can also be accessible for new fans. Mastering the use of the bullet time mechanic will be key to battles as it gives the opportunity to think moves through and decide the best way to utilise all the unique classes and skills.

This will be the first mobile game developed by Bilibili, however, the team behind it have some individual experience. Encompassing those who worked on famed anime projects such as One Piece and Genshin Impact, it is guaranteed that the visuals and animations will be some top-tier quality.

Higan: Eruthyll can be pre-registered for now on the official website, Google Play and the App Store. Registration is available for the majority of the world, with the rather sizable exclusion of East Asia.

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