Between 2 Taps - Tap for Tap interview Migoi Studio developer Robin Dhar about Transmission

Posted by 148Apps Staff on November 25th, 2015
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Hello, and welcome back to Between 2 Taps, Tap for Tap’s Indie Dev interview series.

In this episode we are chatting with Migoi Studio’s developer Robin Dhar. Robin’s here to discuss his mobile game, Transmission, which is currently available on iOS and Android.

Prior to the existence of Migoi Studios, Robin earned a degree in Economics, was a tester for Ubisoft’s Pune Studio, a Bounty Hunter for Games2Win (yes that’s a real title), and dabbled a little in Product Management.

Migoi Studios is now 5 people strong and tinkering with a few ideas for their next title. So if you are a publisher looking for a great up and coming studio, I’d start flirting.

Transmission is an endless noun game. I say noun, because it could be described as many things like endless signaler, endless spinner, or endless adventurer.

You play as an explorer who's alone in the wilderness, and his only attachment to civilization is the signals he sends through his radio.

The only thing wrong with the game is the music is so calmingly captivating that it might just put you to sleep.

Check out the interview below as Robin and I dig into who the man behind the adventure (and the game) truly is.

Okay first things first, where did our lonely traveller find his onesie? Cause I need one of those!

"I am not sure. I think he stole it in the first place and is thus on the run."

So that’s how he get lost? Does he have a name?

"No one knows his name to be honest. It's very likely that he got inspired by watching 'Into The Wild' and decided to do the same thing.

"Don't think he's lost, just travelling where his heart takes him."

Have there been any bear sightings? How does he protect himself?

"Oh yes, not just bears but a lot of different animals. I think the fire saves him most of the time."

Is he really looking for help or is this all a cover up an attempt to contact aliens?

"Oh, he doesn't need help and neither cares about aliens. He is enjoying his life and the messages he is sending back mock the likes of us who just dream of doing what he is doing."

Is the game based on real life events?

"No, it's not based on real life events but my inspiration has been the Northern Lights and the frigid north. I was always fascinated by them and thought of creating something along those lines."

How did you so accurately depict the stark Canadian landscape?

"South Park helped us with this one, Guy."

I’m not your Guy, Friend. What’s your favourite campfire song?

"It would have to Brian Tyler's Further from the Far Cry series."

If you were alone in the wilderness and could bring only 1 piece of modern technology what would it be?

"A drone cam that works on solar energy. Wouldn't really want any device that would let people contact me and disturb my frame of mind."

What's something you didn't know was important for developing a game, but now you do?

"Marketing. A clichéd answer but it's very important to know how to market your game."

What advice would you give to aspiring developers?

"If you really believe in your idea, do it. It may not succeed but at least you would know you tried.

"If you want to start development as a business, don't be too idealistic at the start. Compromise on your ideas now, give the market what it wants, become financially stable and then go about doing what you want and envisioned."

To hear more Between 2 Taps check out the Tap for Tap blog. That is all.

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