Bethesda Softworks has released a new DOOM game out of the blue exclusively for mobile devices. It’s called Mighty DOOM and is currently only available as an early access title on Android but will be expanding to more users in the future.

Mighty DOOM is an action game where you pave your way by gunning down enemies in your path and pillaging their corpses for loot. As you progress through the game, you clear waves of enemies which increases by a lot as you reach the higher levels.

As a mobile title, the game features simplified mechanics and controls to blend well with the interface. You control Doomguy with a single hand, using the tap feature to shoot, swap and slide him.

Eventually, the difficulty increases and tougher enemies enter the arena. This is why it’s useful to upgrade your Doomguy with the best weapons and armour so he stands a better chance against the hordes of demons in his path.

Some bosses featured in Mighty DOOM include Baron of Hell, Hell Priest, and Cyberdemon albeit in a miniature form.

Mighty DOOM is a spin-off of the popular DOOM series that has been on many platforms in its nearly 30 year history. This version of the game brings many elements from its PC and console counterparts, such as weapons and locations like the Super Shotgun and the Rocket Launcher which will be familiar to long-time fans.

There’s also a bunch of new content created just for the mobile version that will make it feel right at home in the palm of your hands.

It is not yet known when Mighty DOOM will be having a full release, but you can download it now from Google Play if you have access to an Android phone. It’s a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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