Space Pioneer iOS screenshot - A fight in the snow

Every Thursday here at 148Apps we like to take some time and roundup the very best games that have landed on the App Store over the past seven days. It's our little gift to you, some curation of the huge number of games that come out for iPhone and iPad every week.

It's not been the best seven days in the world of mobile gaming, but there are definitely some interesting new additions. In fact, it might be one of those weeks where there's something for everyone. If you've spotted something we've missed, or want to tell us that one of the games we've included shouldn't be there, make sure you do that in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Justice Royale - download for iOS

A free to play brawler that's been built from the ground up for mobile. It doesn't mess around either, with chunky lumps of violence and slick controls that mean you can leap into the action with little or no regard for your own safety. There's plenty to do here, and some slick ideas that keep the game fresh.

Space Pioneer - download for iOS

There are loads of free to play shooters on the App Store, but this one does everything it sets out to do just right. A clever progression system with RPG elements makes you want to push deeper into the experience, and the shooting itself offers up just the right amount of challenge to ensure that you're always playing with a smile on your face.

Feist - download for iOS

This one's all about playing as a small fury creature. But if you're looking for a cute and cuddly game, you're bang out of luck. Instead this is a cruel and unforgiving tale of survival against the odds. You need to survive in a forest where almost everything is trying to eat you. And believe you me, that's no easy feat.

Jurassic World Alive - download for iOS

Essentially this is Pokemon GO, but instead of trying to find Pokemon out in the world, you're trying to find dinosaurs. Which, in my opinion, makes it sound like a far better game. There are a 100 dinos to find, and you're also building up a team to fight other giant prehistoric beasts. Throw in some hybridisation and you've got one of the first location-based AR games in a while that's definitely worth checking out.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth - download for iOS

One of the forgotten masterpieces of Square Enix's past, this is a deep and intriguing RPG about collecting the souls of the dead to go and fight in Ragnarok. It does everything just a little bit differently, from its side-scrolling dungeons to its platforming sections, and the battle system is a thing of grace and wonderful violence.

BlazeFury - download for iOS

A touchscreen shooter with a difference. Rather than blasting constantly, here you need to swipe on the screen to target your enemies. Lift your finger and your spaceship lets out a barrage of fire that kills everything it touches. It's a smart new way to play, and it offers up a massive chunk of challenge for anyone brave enough to take it on.

Real Puzzles - download for iOS

What happens when you take the slightly confusing geometry of Monument Valley, strip it down to bare bones, and chuck 100 puzzles at the people playing it? What you get is Real Puzzles. It's a really interesting looking game, and there's enough head-scratching content here for you to keep playing for a good long while.

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