The best mobile sports games

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 9th, 2017

Sports and video games go well together, and that's no exception on mobile devices. There are bunches of quality games that mix old games with the new-fangled games of the video variety. From x-sports to football, there's a sports game for everyone. Here are four of our absolute favorites.

New Star Soccer

We're still impressed with New Star Soccer's sheer scope. The gameplay is a bit like Angry Birds -- you pull back on the screen while aiming to shoot a goal. Playing through career mode, you can take your soccer star all the way to the World Cup. Outside of the stadium, you need to manage your fans, teammates, and money as you work your way to stardom. It's pretty much everything you've ever wanted out of a sports game.

Punch Club

In a similar vein to New Star Soccer, Punch Club is dedicated to all facets of a burgeoning MMA fighter's career. There are the fights in the ring, of course, but you'll also have to manage a part-time job, coaching, and more as you go from a nobody to a fighting superstar. There's a nice little story tied in there as well.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Sega's classic tennis title is now on mobile, and for free to boot. You can choose to control the game by tracing your serves on the screen or using a dedicated virtual controller. Apart from that, the game remains very much the same, with a bounty of different campaign options like a world tour and singles and doubles exhibitions.

Pumped BMX 3

What at first glance looks like a cut and dry arcade game is actually a deeply satisfying BMX title with lots of layers. It's easy to master the basics, but all of those fundamentals build on each other, allowing the player to experiment with some pretty complicated tricks. It's challenging, but in a way that's fair to the player. You'll always feel the desire to become better in Pumped BMX 3. It's a joy to play, whether you like extreme sports or not.

What are your favorite sports titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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