The top 4 Final Fantasy games on mobile

Posted by Jessica Famularo on November 29th, 2016
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Final Fantasy XV
is out today, and to celebrate we’re breaking down the best Final Fantasy games on mobile. Porting a game to mobile is always tricky business, but many of the early Final Fantasy games have made the transition quite well. Let’s see which ones are the best.


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Not only is it a fairly sturdy port, but Final Fantasy IX is also one of the best Final Fantasy games period. Final Fantasy IX embraces the nostalgia of earlier entries in the series, but builds on that legacy with amazing characters, a beautiful world, and an interesting, if not perplexing, storyline.


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Final Fantasy VI is considered one of the best Final Fantasy games of all time, although its mobile port has been a bit divisive. Square Enix redesigned the character sprites, and they look, well, a whole lot different. If you can get past the artistic changes in this remake, you’ll be treated to one of the finest RPGs of the ‘90s. It tells the moving story of a bunch of outcasts fighting to prevent the end of the world, and features incredible music and narrative development.


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This port comes from the Final Fantasy III Nintendo DS remake. The overhaul looks fantastic in 3D. Plus, the third Final Fantasy game features one of the coolest job class systems that inspired future entries in the series.


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Another fan favorite, Final Fantasy IV was one of the first in the series to really dig into character development and narrative nuance. Another sturdy DS port, Final Fantasy IV is a good start pointing if you’re looking for a solid story of friendship, love, and betrayal. It’s easy to get attached to its cast of characters, and the game’s renewed visuals look a treat to boot.

Each Final Fantasy game has its own distinct personality, and that’s represented well in the offerings available on mobile. Try the one that seems the most interesting if you’re new to Final Fantasy, or replay an old favorite if you’re a seasoned fan.

What’s your favorite Final Fantasy game? Share in the comments below.

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