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Posted by 148Apps Staff on December 27th, 2019
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It might have first launched as far back as 2016, but in the three years since its release The Battle of Polytopia has continued to give iOS and Android players all-new ways to dominate their foes in colourful turn-based combat. The primary way that is done it’s done by introducing three fresh special tribes to play as, each of which shake up your abilities to help you “rule the world” quicker.

Whether you’re a The Battle of Polytopia pro or a newcomer just diving in for the first time, here’s everything worth knowing about the game’s three special tribes.


Kicking us off in fishy fashion is the special tribe known as Aquarion which, as its name suggests, originate from the ocean and grant players with all manner of water-based abilities. These special aquatic powers are sure to cause a slippery slope for your online opponents, not least due to the introduction of three tribe-specific units unique to Aquarion that replace some of the standard unit types.

The three unit types specific to Aquarion are the Amphibian, Tridention and the Crab. These replace the traditional Rider, Knight and Giant classes long-time players will be familiar with, serving as a chivalry branch that’s completely modified. This is unusual within the world of The Battle of Polytopia, but it’s a tactic that has led Aquarion to swiftly become the most popular special tribe since its addition in 2018.


If you’re the type of turn-based player that prefers to scout ahead when working on strategy, then look no further than the Elyrion special tribe. This is a class of unit that very much is at one with mother nature, choosing not to hunt animals or chop down trees. The Elyrion tribe can, however, use a unique Enchantment tech to see Ruins through the clouds. This will surely give you an advantage.

The Elyrion tribe also has a few distinct unique units to control, with the main one being a fire-breathing dragon that must first be hatched as an egg then evolved to full size over the course of the match. Such a creature comes in handy when wanting to defend your spaces on the grid, working in tandem with the Elyrion people’s extra foresight.


Finally, The Battle of Polytopia’s Polaris special tribe is the one to play as for all things icy. Pitched by the game’s developer as “the most unique tribe to date”, their abilities all centre around being able to freeze your opponent’s terrain and units as you see fit. Playing as the Polaris special tribe means terraforming the 256-tile grid as fast as possible in this way, preventing the enemy from edging forward.

The Mooni, Ice Archer, Battle Sled and Ice Fortress are all distinct unit types you won’t find anywhere else in the game, granting players with the ability to create a frigid paradise of sorts that works to their advantage. Elyrion’s Super Unit is most indicative of this special tribe’s style, being a powerful melee unit that spreads ice simultaneously as it moves.

Fancy giving all three of The Battle of Polytopia’s special tribes a whirl for yourself? Download the game today from either the Google Play or App Store and enjoy a half price discount on any of the three Special Tribes until December 31st..

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