BE-A Walker is an upcoming shooter where you'll take command of a gun-toting walker mech and attempt to colonise a populated alien planet. It doesn't take long for violence to erupt, and soon you're thrown into even murkier moral terrain as you're told the survival of humanity hinges on the rapid, brutal quelling of a native uprising. It's pretty grim stuff.

"For all the game's bloodthirsty nature and cruelty, each native's death is a tragic consequence of the struggle for survival and should not bring any pleasure or satisfaction to the player. In general, we tried to refrain from the player feeling like a 'hero and saviour of the world'. He is simply hostage to a situation in which there is no 'right' decision to make", says Stanislav Zagniy, Art and Game Designer at Tequilabyte Studio.

Murdering dozens of natives in a giant walker for mindless fun alone would – and likely still will – feel incredibly gross, so it's good to hear that the team is at least attempting to tackle the tricky subject matter head-on.

The game launched first for Nintendo Switch back in February, and it's set to arrive for iOS, Android, and PC on May 7th. It's definitely an interesting one, and I'm curious to see whether it can be thoughtful rather than exploitative.

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