Bark Park is a charming, good-humoured game about competing against other players to claim as much territory as possible by peeing on nearby trees. Did I mention that everyone is playing as a dog? Makes things a little less weird.

It comes to us from the team over at Ancient Games, and it's set to launch for iOS next Wednesday, April 8th.

As I say, the general idea is that you'll fill up on water found in fountains dotted around the map, then piddle on trees to claim them. You'll of course have to defend your territory from power-hungry dogs, and you can do so by distracting or outmanoeuvring them with special power-ups.

In the trailer, we get to see a speed boost skill being used and, naturally, a poo power-up.

Any money you earn during matches can then be used to unlock more playable dogs, accessories, and even all-new game worlds. Pretty neat.

It'll likely come as no surprise to hear that the team behind this one specialises in all things silly, with their previous games including Maximum Car and 8-Bit Waterslide.

More info can be found over on Bark Park's official site, and be sure to keep an eye out for its iOS launch on April 8th.

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