Awarding-winning puzzler Make One is now available for Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 31st, 2020
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Update - 03/04/2020: Make One is now also available on iOS

Make One is a game with a simple concept that it executes with flair and impressive levels of polish. It comes to us from developer Brazle and publisher PiG, and it's just landed this week for Android.

At its core, Make One is a logic-based puzzler where you're challenged to combine blocks of the same type together, gradually clearing the board until only one block remains.

Despite its core idea being straightforward, Brazle mines a great amount of variety from the simple act of combining blocks. And it’s no pushover, either, forcing you to remain efficient and tactical throughout each of its 135 levels.

While it can be tricky, Make One does a great job of easing you into the experience and teaching you its mechanics without the need for heavy-handed tutorials.

Completing levels will earn you stars that can then be used to purchase fancy decorations to show off your many achievements.

And Make One has a few achievements of its own, having won the Very Big Indie Pitch in London last year. It's an impressive title that does a lot with seemingly very little.

Make One is currently available to download for Android and will be available for iOS on April 3rd.

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