Award-winning AR game Crimson will help you learn Arabic and English

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 25th, 2019
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Crimson, from up-and-coming dev team Sakura.Jo, is an educational game that makes smart use of AR tech to teach players both Arabic and English in a way that’s fun, funny, and easily accessible. It’s also notable for the fact that it was developed by two hugely talented teenagers, Sham and Jana, who aim to share their love of language and learning with others.

The game made a sizeable impression at the 2018 Big Indie Pitch in Jordan, taking home the second place prize. It’s an educational game at heart, aiming to teach kids numbers, letters, colours, and shapes in both English and Arabic.

When first starting out, you’ll be presented with the option to play in Arabic with Crimson or English with Rosa. Both characters have their own little quests, with Crimson the rabbit searching for carrots and Rosa the cat hunting for fish.

You’ll then choose whether you’d like to start focusing on learning letters, colours, shapes, or numbers. Levels progress in straightforward stages that do an excellent job of easing you into the learning process. The mini-games themselves are kept short and sweet, with the game’s cheerful aesthetic helping to keep you motivated at all times.

And it’s all enhanced by some smart use of AR, allowing you to use your camera to create your own backdrops for levels. And on top of that, you’ll also be able to take pictures with Crimson or Rose within the game’s world, before sharing them online with friends and family.

So if you’d like to have fun while learning English or Arabic, Crimson is an excellent place to start – it’s bright, funny, accessible to all, and available now on iOS and Android.

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