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Posted by Amy Solomon on July 25th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Avokiddo Emotions - Playful learning for kids is an absolutely delightful interactive app for toddlers and preschool children that will be enjoyed by all ages.

This app is utterly intuitive to children as this application opens to a choice of one of three charming, stylized and cartoony animals - be it a giraffe, sheep or zebra.

After a selection is made, this animal appears on the next page in front of a colorful, simple background where objects can be found at the bottom of the screen which can be dragged to the animal waiting to be engaged by the player.

Various foods and dress-up-like accessories such as wonderfully themed hats, neck ties and other clothing details are included as well as musical instruments and food items are to be found, do experiment with how the animal interacts with each of these objects.

There are no specific instructions for the game play of this app, nor does there need to be, as children draw from their own basic life experiences to feed and dress these animals as well as help with other accessories such as a camera to snap photos with or a sponge to help with washing.

It is hard to express how much fun these animals' reactions to these items are, but they are both engaging and adorable as when given these objects, these creatures express emotions from humor to frustration and even sadness, complete with sound effects and cute animations, as well as expressive language - neutral verbalizations and facial cues to express these varied feelings.

I am smitten with all the surprises within this app - especially how one can pull a lever for a new series of objects to interact with when children grow tired of the first series of animal items.

Another favorite moment is how oftentimes different hats also work to create different themed backgrounds such as a winter hat turning the landscape into snow-covered hills or the nightcap turning the scene to bedtime with lights out for the creature.

I had the chance to show this app to my husband as he passed by the open door to our office. Without a word, I handed him the iPad. He asked my why the giraffe was so sad, so I explained that I took away his disco.

With an inquisitive look, he took hold of the iPad and began dragging objects to my animal friend - again triggering the disco background as well as working with many other props, smiling and laughing for a longer time than I expected him to spend on a children’s app in passing as I waited for the return of the iPad.

Every element of this app is top-notch. The look of this app is charming, with bright colors and animals that express emotion through body language in ways children of all ages will be able to interpret.

This app is completely open-ended and includes over 100 props to enjoy as well as being able to take photos of favorite dress-up moments that children will enjoy.

I appreciate how easy it was for me to empathize with these animals as I enjoy making them feel happy, smiling and showing their pleasure with nuances that I have a hard time putting into words as well as feeling a little bad if I scare these creatures with an alarm clock or horn or feed them them less than favorite foods.

Even though these animals may express displeasure at what is being offered to them, I am happy to say that these moments of animal sadness and annoyance are momentary, not over the top and are still rooted in silliness in order not to upset the children using this app.

There is an incredible amount of cheeky humor included within this app that I can highly recommend for families with young children. Do not be surprised if older children and their adults love this app as well.

I can also see this application being used in Special Education settings as children can practice their abilities to recognize different emotions as well as some social cause and effects, trying to predict whether or not a character will appreciate or dislike being fed their favorite food as well their reaction to it being taken away from them.

Also of note is how these animals look directly into what is perceived as the eyes of the player - great for fostering eye contact - a difficult thing for some spectrum children.

For these reasons and more, Avokiddo Emotions - Playful learning for kids is totally worth the download. My son and I have also really enjoyed this developer's other app, Beck and Bo, a wonderful puzzle app of sorts that includes great style and richness. If interested, do check out my review of this other app here at GiggleApps

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