We spoke to Ateam about bringing Unison League over to the west [Sponsored]

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 17th, 2016
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Unison League is a unique multiplayer JRPG that challenges you and a few other players to work together and unleash a mighty Unison Attack which summons a powerful creature to destroy your enemies.

There's PvE and PvP guild battles to fight your way through, as well as lobbies to chat to your fellow players in, and you can fully customise your character in your own image.

Unison League was recently updated for German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese languages, so we reached out to the global business group at Ateam to find out whether we can expect collaborations with Western IPs following the excellent Japanese IP collaborations that we've already seen.

Now that Unison League is available in most Western countries, can we expect any collaborations with Western IPs?

"Ateam is always open to collaborations with other IPs. We get offers in Japan, and have produced some pretty great collaborations with popular IPs in that country.

"If similar opportunities are presented to us with Western IPs, we will seriously consider it. We will also do some IP collaboration hunting on our own."

What's your favourite class to play as and why?

"We asked the whole team for feedback here, and there is no clear winner. One person plays a Lancer, another a Cleric, and another wants to be an Archer but is currently a Lancer.

Are any new classes in the works? If not, what would you like to see added to the game?

"We cannot comment right now on any new character classes for the game but we can say that we would very much like to see some new ones added! (...are you listening dev team?!)"

Which games most inspired Unison League, and what elements of them can we see represented in the game?

"We believe there are a few other mobile games that may stand out as possible inspiration for Unison League but during development, our already released titles like Dark Summoner and War of Legions provided a lot of inspiration.

"Along with MMORPGs, the team wanted to take the core gameplay elements from our previous games and add more social gameplay elements and character customisation options."

If you could start development from scratch, what would you change?

"We made a lot of effort to culturalise Unison League for various countries and languages.

"From that experience, we'd like to change the understanding of what it takes to prepare a mobile RPG for players to enjoy globally.

"In future titles from Ateam, players should see improvements to that process in both quality of the user's game experience and the speed with which we make additional languages available."

You can check out Unison League right now by getting it from the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore right now for free.

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