The three winners of the controversial Atari Pong Developer Challenge have been revealed, and gamers will soon get to play three new takes on the classic Pong formula.

The winner is Pong World from zGames. This entry, compared to the other two finalists, is the most like traditional Pong. Players can move horizontally on a two-dimensional board just like the classic game, but the hook comes in the ability to use special shots with wacky physics, and paddles that can be customized. zGames wins $50,000 for its game.

Second place is Fong by Eppy Games. The playing field is circular, and players can move all around the circular playing field, but there is a goal on each side. However, players are not restricted to their side of the of the board. Eppy Games wins a $37,500 cash prize.

Third place is Pong Tournament from MadRuse Games. This variant takes place in a three-dimensional arena, where players must protect a two-dimensional goal that isn't entirely open, but has shield squares protecting it. MadRuse wins a $15,000 cash prize.

The winners were selected by a voting panel including Nolan Bushnell, iOS game developers, and online voters. All three games will be published by Atari, and the developers will receive a revenue share as part of their contest victory.

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