One of the best browser RPGs of all time arguably, and I only say that to be polite, is coming to handheld devices as Artix Entertainment announces AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity. After fifteen years of constant support for AdventureQuest Worlds, the masterpiece will soon be available for all.

Back in 2002, Artix Entertainment released their first game, AdventureQuest, and whilst the combat was your common turn-based affair, the game took off thanks to its accessibility and sense of humour. Six years later Artix then took this marvel, jazzed it up, added multiplayer capability, and released Adventure Quest Worlds, and here we are now.

Good news for those who already have accounts, as Infinity will feature cross-platform play, and you can simply log in with your existing credentials. Far from being a simple port, the dev team is hard at work, remastering the story, re-building the combat, and even reanimating 1,500 cutscenes, 5,000 monsters, and 4,000 pets by hand. The dedication is clear.

When announcing the game, Artix Entertainments’ CEO, Adam Bohn, said “AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is a testament to the team’s dedication to evolve an ever-expanding world, as well as a recognition of the years of requests from our community to recreate their favorite game as a cross-platform MMO. Whether you're an existing player or new to AdventureQuest Worlds, there's never been a better time to wishlist the reimagined game AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity.”

When Infinity releases, players will be able to play through the main storyline, The 13 Lords of Chaos, in its remastered form, however, the main game will still be receiving its weekly updates, so there will be a discrepancy between the two for a bit, understandable. Artix has stated the hope to reach a point where new content is being released simultaneously, however.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity is aiming to go into beta later this year with more info coming on the officialwebsite, but if you can’t wait for more news make sure to watch PAX East 2023 between March 23rd and 26th, as Artix will be debuting a build there.

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