Artful Balancer is back with some big new challenges

Posted by Luke Frater on June 1st, 2018
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Artful Balancer, the clever and colorful puzzler turned arcade game from developer MM347 is back with a big new update making some pretty dramatic changes. Gameplay that rewards clever strategy will be playing a larger role from here on out and Artful Balancer is getting iPhone X optimisation.

Now that the big update is here, you’ll find that the game is a good deal more difficult. Artful Balancer will make you work for your success, and it will make you feel pretty brilliant in the process. Rather than simply coasting along collecting gold, you’ll need to expertly pull-off every strategy you can muster to beat each level.

You’ll find some stylistic changes, as well. Artful Balancer features a few new themes, including desert, forest, pyramid, and ice settings that will change up the experience a good bit. The developers have added a HUD, too, that lets you see your in-game boost balances to help you better manage your progress.

If you’re new to the world of Artful Balancer, it’s a unique puzzle/arcade game hybrid with three different level types—normal (arcade), strategic (puzzle), and weights (arcade). Your goal is to balance colorful balls into neat stacks, find matching pairs, and earn as much gold as you possibly can. The game frequently throws hazard balls into the mix, which can ruin all of your hard work, so be careful when stacking! You’ll find helpful boosters, like slo-mo, pause, and boost, along the way to help you out of any difficult dead-ends.

You can find Artful Balancer right now on the App Store for free.

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