Arena of Valor Guide - The Best Heroes to Support the Team

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 9th, 2018
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Arena of Valor might just be the best MOBA on mobile, and a ton of people are playing it. The only problem is, everyone wants to play as a carry or other high damage dealing character. While I get the appeal of wanting to lay waste to the enemy team like a perfect killing machine, the key to victory is about having a quality and balanced team, which might require you to play more of a support role. These characters aren’t quite as straightforward as high damage dealers, so check out this handy guide to pick the right support character for you:

Quick Note: For the purposes of this guide, the term “support” extends beyond heroes specifically defined as support heroes in the game. This guide is referring to heroes that can perform well on a team even if they aren’t primary damage dealers.

Gildur - The gold standard

Gildur is odd in that he is an extremely durable mage character. Instead of being a glass cannon, Gildur excels at getting into the middle of fights and shutting down enemies with his powerful stun abilities. Gildur has a great initiator tool in his Extravagant ability which should be used to lock up high-damage enemies for your team to dive on and kill first. If a team fight has already started, Gildur can also dive into the fray with his Siege ability which can grant you shield and put you in a great position to then stun a grouped up team with his ultimate, Indulgence. As a bonus, Gildur can also be built to maximize his ability damage, which can boost him up to be a solid damage dealer in addition to providing team support.

Grakk - If you can’t beat ‘em, hook ‘em

Grakk has one of the most powerful abilities in all of Arena of Valor. His Devil’s Chain can hook and drag enemies from a pretty far distance straight to him. The best part about this ability is it’s not even his ultimate. From the outset of a match, Grakk can start dragging enemies every which way, whether it’s under towers or right into the hands of your team mates. In order to make this ability work for you though, you have to be sneaky about it. The Devil’s Chain doesn’t move super quickly, so enemies expecting to get pulled can avoid it pretty easily. Try using the ability from the bushes, or buying items that can increase Grakk’s movement speed and cooldown timers so you can catch opponents off-guard. Once you have your enemies close, it’s just a matter of using Grakk’s ultimate, World Devourer, to stun enemies in place to make them easy pickings for the rest of your team.

Diaochan - Ice cold control mage

Diaochan might seem like an odd pick for this list, especially since she can deal crazy amounts of ability damage with her ultimate, Blizzard. That said though, she fares much better on a team when she hangs out in the background and sets her team up for easy kills with her other immobilizing abilities. Chilling Frost can slow down enemies diving into fights or trying to leave them, and Diamond Dust can stop heroes completely in their tracks. The thing you need to be careful about though is that Diaochan has a pretty low amount of HP, and her powerful abilities can cause opponents to target her first. This is why it’s best to try and stay elusive and support your teammates, as diving into fights could potentially work out well, but most likely you’ll get killed before you have a chance to do much.

Cresht - Turn the tides with metamorphosis

Cresht is another odd character because he’s more like two separate characters. In his default state, Cresht is a solid control tank who can buff allies with Aquatic Shield and knock back enemies with Typhoon. Once he gets his ultimate though, Cresht can turn into his true form, which makes him a huge damage sponge with some great damage output and stun abilities. In order to use this ultimate though, players have to do normal attacks with Cresht to build up his Rage meter. Because of Cresht’s relatively weak attack stats, this makes him pretty weak on his own, but he can take control of entire games if he sticks with his allies, supports them while building meter, and transforming at the right time to lock down and absorb damage from powerful enemy heroes.

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