Arcane Golf is, unsurprisingly, a new golf game from developer Clickteam LLC. Plus, as the name also suggests, there's magic involved with the game taking place in a retro-styled fantasy world. We can likely expect something a little different from the usual 2D mini-golfing game then.

Arcane Golf is made up of 200 different levels that take place across four courses that draw inspiration for their looks from classic adventure games. This also has an impact on the mechanics too, with enchanted gems that can teleport the ball somewhere new or hungry slimes that will gobble it up whole, allowing you to choose a new direction to travel in.

The aim of this is to keep you guessing and each level feeling fresh. You can check out some of the gameplay from Arcane Golf in the embedded trailer below for more examples of hazards and magical objects you'll need to contend with.

It's nicely presented too if you're a fan of the fairly commonly used retro-aesthetic at least. Whilst it's nothing new in the mobile gaming realm overall it certainly helps the game stand out a little from the myriad other golf games that are currently available.

The gameplay itself is physics-based and can be controlled using only one finger. Clickteam LLC has gone with the classic slingshot-style setup where you'll pull back to adjust the power and direction before letting go to hit the ball.

Arcane Golf is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium game that costs $1.99.

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