Earlier today, new site PadGadget discovered that Apple had left open the list of all applications approved (but not yet live), on their HTML version of the App Store. This means that we can go in and search the list for applications for the iPad that are approved but not yet released. The list of apps they found includes:

Ammoin HD
Azkend HD
Flight Control HD
Grind HD
HD Recovery
Labyrinth 2 HD
NBA Hotshot HD
Numba HD
Plants vs. Zombie HD
Sparkle HD
Worms HD

As you know, the iPad will be released on April 3rd, just 8 days from now. The list of apps and games we can expect to see has been slow to trickle in. Apple leaving open their list of approved apps gave us the opportunity to go, scour for apps not yet in the store and look for ones that might be iPad apps and games. Most iPad apps are designated with "XL", "HD", or "for iPad" in their name. Apple, unfortunately for us, fixed the issue while we were still looking for apps so we didn't get a full list. Guess we'll just have to keep the mystery alive for most apps. Here is the list of ones not in the above list that we found on the iTunes web site before Apple fixed their bug:

Cogs HD
Collage HD
Galaxy Collider HD
Glow Hockey 2 HD
Children's Animal Sounds for iPad
Children's Vehicle Sounds for iPad
London Tube Maps for iPad
NaviCAD for iPad
Coloring Book for iPad
Cro-Mag Rally for iPad
JellyCar 2 on iPad
Rocket Solitaire for iPad
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPad

Please note that these are only the NEW applications. A developer can also release an app as a universal build -- meaning it works on both the iPhone and the iPad. The list of apps above are iPad only apps. The universal apps we won't know about until after the iPad is released.

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