If you’re like me, you’ve probably downloaded a bunch of health and fitness apps in the past. Did you know that there’s a free one already available on your iPhone, though? Health is its name, it comes as part of iOS, and it’s pretty useful! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for teaching you the basics.

Keep counting those steps

Health works as a pedometer, providing you take your iPhone everywhere you go (you do, right?). As soon as you load the app, you’ll see the details on the dashboard. Besides tracking steps, you can view how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed too. You can view by day, week, month, and year which is pretty handy.

Track those body stats

Hit the Health Data section and you can keep track of a crazy number of things about your body.

Body Measurements gives you a way to check on your weight and BMI measurements, with graphs ensuring you can see at a glance how things are changing.

Want to get even more involved? The nutrition section allows you to add specific entries for things like calcium intake or fibre. It’s not as simple to do as entering a food diary through other apps, but it’s pretty good for those who want to be more exact.

In every case, there’s a glossary definition for each term so you know what the app’s talking about.

Trying to get pregnant? Health comes into its own here with a whole bunch of options for ways to keep track of your fertility.

Don’t forget your Medical ID!

The Medical ID part of Health could make all the difference if you get into difficulties. It gives you a place to enter your name, date of birth, allergies and reactions, and list any medications you’re taking. Most importantly, you can add emergency contact details, and highlight if you’re an organ donor. Make sure you fill this section in. It could save your life.

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