Apple Arcade has been on quite the roll recently after hitting a few bum notes earlier this year. Lots of great games have arrived in rapid succession, and it's seemingly settling into launching one new game almost every week.

In addition to the fresh releases, a fair number of the service's earlier games have received major updates, adding new content and quality-of-life improvements to some of Arcade's biggest hits, including Grindstone and Patterned. Now, three of the service's more recent releases have received the same treatment.

This week's update for Lego Brawls adds limited-edition minifigs to collect, a news section to keep players up to date, and an all-new level themed around the Lego Hidden Side sets.

Secret Oops!, the co-op spy game, now has another world to play through. Volcano Island boasts 15 additional levels for up to four players to test their mettle on.

Stranded Sails' Exploration update introduces a fast travel feature that allows you to hop between portal stones with ease. This should make exploring the Cursed Islands a lot easier. A couple of quality of life improvements are also included in the update, such as revised tutorial quests and adjustments to the energy cost of walking and rowing.

On weeks where we don't get a new Apple Arcade release, I wouldn't mind seeing more updates like these instead. In other Apple Arcade news, Friday's new game was Q-Games' excellent co-op actioner, Scrappers. A Fold Apart will be next week's release.

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