App Store Total Tops 10,000!

Posted by Jeff Scott on November 29th, 2008

As first reported here, in just 142 days, the iPhone OS app store has added over 10,000 apps! An amazing feat for any platform. To commemorate this we've put up a special page at

Some interesting stats. There are, as of Monday, 10,215 applications in the app store. The store is adding about 70 or so new applications every day.

Of those apps, about 3,500 of them are games (games and entertainment categories). The average price is $3.13 with $0.99 being the most common price. Interesting how this has fallen over the past few months.

It would cost almost $32,000 to buy every single app in the app store, but you would only be able to install 148 of them at a time. The least popular category is Weather with only 52 apps thus far.

A the current pace, the iTunes App Store should hit 25,000 applications sometime around the 1 year anniversary of July 11, 2009.

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