Another Eden's latest update, version 2.7.900, introduces the final chapter of the Mythos: Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise. It sees the game's first piece of serial content reach its conclusion. But that's not all the latest update brings. Meanwhile, an Another Style look for an existing character and campaigns with various rewards.

The latest chapter will introduce new maps and areas for players to explore as they progress to the end of the Mythos. Likewise, a new Another Dungeon is now available to tackle as well. You can check out the trailer below for an idea of what to expect from the concluding instalment.

The latest Another Style is for Thillelille and is called Another Style Abyss Liberator. Players can add this character to their collection through the usual Fateful Encounter means. Between now and July 26th there is a special Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise Conclusion Series fateful encounter available.

The celebrate the update's arrival, the usual login bonus of 20 Chronos Stones has increased to 50 until July 26th. On top of that, until the same date, players will find a treasure chest that yields one green key and one red key every day in the Spacetime Rift.

Whilst the campaign is underway, players will earn increased achievement rewards for starting the last chapter of Mythos: Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise. Additionally, completing this chapter will net you a Luring Shadow Drop.

Another Eden is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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