Animal idle simulator Animal Restaurant is celebrating its first-year anniversary with a crossover event with popular YouTube series Aaron’s Animals.

To rein in the anniversary, developer DHGames has introduced new daily events and content for players’ restaurants, including new wallpaper, mementos and dishes to serve. The adorable Prince Michael from the popular YouTube series Aaron’s Animals will also be available for a limited time as a special patron. You’ll need to be prepared for this one though, as the extra special feline has a refined appetite that requires specific dishes to keep happy.

In the very adorable Animal Restaurant, players must balance running a successful restaurant with entertaining the delightful cast of whimsical animal patrons. As the game progresses, you unlock new dishes to add to your menu as well as discovering new cosmetic unlocks to decorate your restaurant how you want it. You can hire new employees to help run the place and even tend to a garden, all while increasing your star rating to attract more customers.

Throughout its first year, over 10 million people from across the globe have downloaded the game, and has been ranked in the top 10 free games on Google Play for Android in more than 10 countries.

It seems fitting that a channel such as Aaron’s Animals would team up with DHGames’ mobile app. The channel, run by LA-based YouTuber Aaron Benitez, now has over four million subscribers and features videos where Benitez features different pets in a series of comedy skits.

Animal Restaurant’s anniversary event runs from now until 30th September, but Prince Michael will be sticking around until 17th December, so there’s plenty of time to get in there if you want to serve him a dish.
You can download Animal Restaurant for free from Google Play for Android or the App Store.

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